By bus from Vientiane

Buses and minivans to Kasi leave from the northern bus station.
If you don’t find a bus to Kasi, you can take any bus or minivan  going towards Kasi ( Luang Prabrang,  for example, basically all the buses going north, except for the ones to Vang Vieng ) and ask to be dropped off at the intersection to Ban Chièng  ( see the map .  On google maps the village at the intersection is indicated as XANG ) about 10 km before Kasi town.
30 meters before the intersection there is gasoline station ( XBP ) on the right side of the road.

TAO guesthouse is situated 6km from the main road, on the right side of the road, about 2 km AFTER THE SECOND BRIDGE.

Local transportation is avalaible from the intersection ( less frequently in the late afternoon and not available after dark ).

WE CAN EVEN PICK YOU UP at the intersection if you call us. If you don’t have any working sim card, you could ask to the driver to call or…
… JUST GO ON THE OPPOSITE SIDE of the XBP gasoline station where you will find a small shop that works as well as a minivan stop. Ask the woman there to contact TAO. If the woman is not there, you can borrow a phone from somebody else ( at one of the restaurants or at the gas station for example). Ask for TAO and show them the phone number.

Although more rarely from the northern bus station you may find as well a minivan to Muang Met which could get you directly to TAO guesthouse.

…From Vang Vieng

From Luang Prabang ( from north )